Rounds Premium Burgers. Prepare yourself!

SAMSUNG SAMSUNGI really like this truck. Like, when you look at that picture to the right, I can assure you those people aren’t lost or something. They were totally ordering stuff. Anyway, as the name suggests, you get burgers from this truck. I got The California, which as the menu says comes with bacon, American cheese, 1,000 Island sauce and avocado mash. The mash was really cool, its sorta like guacamole(how could it not be), but it was somehow a lot smoother. You’ll see in the picture below.


This burger was amazing, but I think it really only caters to those who are OK with damaging their overall health. Totally worth it to me, but this burger should come with a warning label and a doctor’s phone number. Just check that out. Epic, epic, epic. But like I said, you’re not gonna be doing anything for a little while that involves moving. There’s one more thing about this burger that really elevated it to greatness. So, there’s bacon on the burger, right? There’s also crumbled up bacon IN THE PATTY. Yes. How awesome is that. The bun was good too, nothing to write home about, it did its job and tasted good.

As you probably noticed, I got a side of onion rings too, along with a side of garlic aioli dipping sauce. These were really good, and had a unique texture that was very crispy. One complaint though, you can’t pick up just one. The breading causes them to cling and catch one another as you lift one up, making them SAMSUNGhard to eat without sitting down first. No big deal, but I couldn’t help but think of that scene in Saving Silverman where Jack Black argues that if the nachos stick together, that’s like one nacho.

You should go to this truck, it’s awesome. Just don’t go too often.

– The Food Truckie


Cairo Cowboy. Kinda blah, and kinda confusing








This truck is sorta weird. But not in an endearing, sort of I-wanna-tell-my-friends-about-this kind of way. It’s Mediterranean, so the Cairo part makes sense. But Cowboy? I don’t see anything about this truck that has to do with cowboys or America or the Wild West or what(they do have a pizza on the menu, but that’s not good enough). Maybe I’m asking for too much, but I think every food truck should have a clear theme, and the title should reflect that. I’m in line scratching my head over what the name means when I should be perusing their mediocre menu.

There make these interesting potato skewer things that you can see in the picture of the menu, and they had a few out so that people could sample them. I tried a morsel, it was meh because not only were they not hot(I like my potatoes above room temperature, what can I say), but they had been out for a while, and a couple of flies had taken notice. Anyway, with a truck like this, I gotta go right for the gyro. If you’re gonna make Mediterranean food, you live and die by your gyro. If you don’t have it together on that, I don’t think you should be taken seriously as a food proprietor.
So I got the gyro. I gotta couple things to say about this. You know what was in it? I’m gonna list the basic ingredients in order. Pretend it’s Christmas, and the list goes from “YEAH I GOT AN XBOX”, to “yay, more socks… : /”.

1. Chicken (Cool, off to a good start)

2. Pita enclosure thing (Yay)

3. Tzatziki sauce (Yay, on a roll)

4. Red bell pepper (Ehhhhh ok….)

5. Zucchini (???!?!??!)

Did it taste bad? No. Was I really confused/disappointed? Yeah. Where are the tomatoes????! Where are the cucumbers!?!?! No white onion???? This is the strangest gyro I’ve ever had. I don’t want to eat another one. No tomatoes, seriously. The only saving grace was that they piled on the chicken like they were going out of business. Very generous portion of that, right on. But man, no good, Cairo Cowboy. You know what, it’s edible, but I changed my mind, I didn’t like it. I was hungry. Keep your damn zucchini out of my gyro.

Oh, apparently there’s a Cairo Cowboy restaurant, where they also have burgers and whatnot. So there’s your cowboy. Listen, if you happen upon this truck and there are other trucks there you haven’t tried, skip this crap.

– The Food Truckie

Don Chow Tacos!! Chinese/Mexican Fusion Gone Horribly Right









Let me begin by saying how high my expectations for this truck were. If you manage to get featured on a Food Network program, you’re doing something right. To make things even better, it was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I freakin’ LOVE THAT SHOW! All the restaurant owners explain how to make the awesome food they sell, it’s entertaining and unpretentious. Anyway, when this truck ended up on the show, I knew I had to track it down(though it doesn’t really count as a diner, drive-in, or dive).

As the name implies, they serve Mexican fusion. But the other half is not Korean? Chinese food seems to be a rarity among the trucks that are involved with Asian cuisine. I went for the three taco sampler, which cost $2 each. You get to choose from 7 different tacos, and I got one Carne Asada, one Al Pastor, and one Chinese BBQ Pork. As an additional option, you can add bacon and grilled onions for $.50 extra, which I definitely took them up on with the Carne Asada taco.

These tacos were a one-way ticket to FLAVORTOWN. Each taco had distinct flavors, and were perfectly balanced in terms of flavor and texture. In addition to some verde salsa, the various meat in each taco kept the taco from being dry due to the sauces they came drenched in(the bacon really helped out the Carne Asada taco). What can I say, they were fantastic. And it cost me $6.50 altogether!!!! What!? You just don’t find value like that very often. Not convinced by the picture above?

Here’s another close-up I took:

Everything is so fresh. Wikipedia told me that the guys who started this are food truck veterans, and it shows. My only criticism is that they need to get an actual website. Their menu isn’t posted anywhere and your only means of tracking them is by twitter, which is only good for that day. That sucks, flavor of this magnitude should not be so elusive.

Anyway, this truck is one of my favorites, it’s serious business man. Oh, and if you’re interested, here is the segment from Triple-D where Guy Fieri visits the truck. It’s really cool, check it out!!

-The Food Truckie

Wake and Bake Truck. WTF

I gotta say, this truck looked seeeriously enticing. I mean, my stoked level was pretty up there. Never has a truck proverbially slapped me in the face like this one, I just don’t get it. So, it’s supposed to be stoner food, right? Everything seemed right, the menu, the look, the bro-ey staff(very friendly). The menu is pretty simple, taco stuff, various grilled sandwiches, etc. I went with the Cajun Chicken Tacos. These tacos come with blackened chicken, avocado, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and blue cheese. What about these tacos is Cajun??? Those tacos are Californian, man.

Anyway, I got the tacos and the first bite was one of intense disappointment. All I tasted was blue cheese!!! By ordering these tacos I unknowingly entered into a terrible and infuriating game of Asteroids where the asteroids are made out of blue cheese and I have no triangle spaceship. Blue cheese is such a powerful flavor, you can’t just dump it over the milder flavors of avocado and tomato and call it a day. Look above! Those are huge pieces!! They call ’em crumbles, but damn. Have they tried their own tacos?….

The picture to the right illustrates the second offense. If you’re gonna use cilantro, you gotta be careful with the stems! The upper part of the stems are OK sometimes, but the lower parts are really only used for sauces and curries and whatnot. In a taco situation, the lower parts are chewy and are really distracting from the general texture. In the top picture you can see a bunch of stem bits that should have been removed.

Not to mention the taco was, overall, very dry. It needed salsa, since the truck doubled up on the tortillas and the meat didn’t particularly add moisture.

What kills me the most about this truck was that the ingredients were by themselves FANTASTIC. Everything was so fresh!!!! The avocado was ripe, the cilantro looked and tasted like it had been picked that day, the tomatoes were flavorful, etc. It really sucks that profoundly poor execution was the shortcoming of The Wake and Bake Wagon. If the ingredients were of awful quality, it would be easier to dismiss this truck as a bunch of idiots who don’t care. But they do.

Maybe the other items on the menu are better, they certainly sounded good. The food sucks at this truck, and that’s not libel ’cause it’s true.

-The Food Truckie

Auntie’s Fry Bread. A history lesson is in order!!

So I get to a food truck event thing and see this one. Native American fusion huh, I call BS. As far as I knew, Native Americans didn’t really experiment with food, much less incorporate culinary elements and techniques of other cultures. Anyway, looking at the menu and poster only increased my skepticism. Native Americans made fried dough and topped it with this and that and the other?

I had to look into this further and as it turns out fry bread is a result of that nasty part of America’s history where we relocated various tribes to fulfill the whole Manifest Destiny thing. To prevent them from starving, the American government supplied them with goods such as white flour, sugar, and lard. When you put them together and fry it, boom – fry bread. As a result, frybread has become part of Native American heritage. I can’t add a citation to this, so I’ll just give you my source here:

Alright, on to the review. So the menu is simple, you’re basically selecting what you want topped onto a piece of fried dough. You can get a meat situation going, or you can get a dessert fry bread, topped with powdered sugar, strawberries, etc. If you go with the dessert, you’re really headed into funnel cake territory, which is fine if you like funnels. I chose what is called The Hunter, which is BBQ beef topped with coleslaw and a special BBQ sauce. You have the option of ordering one large piece of frybread or two “sliders”, which are just smaller frybread discs.

Did I like it? Well, in a word, I was disappointed(three words). The beef was great, the menu claims it is slow cooked in Auntie’s special sauce. That’s a bulls eye, good job. I think the dealbreaker was the coleslaw. As you can see in the photo, what you get are large chunks of cabbage, and just cabbage. It added a large crunch that unsettled the texture of the dish. Coleslaw should be shredded more finely, and include other stuff, no? The frybread was fine, it’s fried dough, so that’s kinda hard to mess up. The flavors weren’t spectacular, but I think simplicity was the aim here. You don’t get a lot of real estate to work with on the fried dough without making it hard to eat, but one more ingredient I think would have made this above-average.

It also didn’t help that I wasn’t allowed to purchase a beverage from the truck, as they had a few interesting options. Despite my best efforts, I wasn’t able to convince them to sell me Sarsaparilla. This wasn’t on Auntie’s Frybread, but rather the restaurant that operated the lot that hosted the food truck gathering. Lame.

I think I just feel a little down about the whole concept. It was created out of necessity caused by being forcefully removed from a homeland. Ouch, man. I’m glad Native Americans have taken the idea and run with it, but I still feel a little twinge of guilt. Didn’t Native Americans have their own food preparation worked out? Certainly they cooked the animals they caught…..I just looked it up. If you’re interested:

They had some cool stuff going on with corn, beans, etc. I want to eat at THAT truck. Maybe it doesn’t translate into street food. Maybe it wouldn’t generate enough interest. Who knows. The American influences are undeniable and fascinating, but if Native American food is what you’re going for, gimme the whole story! Frybread should be one chapter.

-The Food Truckie

Greek Food Truck. Dude.

So I’m pretty much a sucker for Greek food, gotta support the motherland. Greeks seem to have a pretty good handle on the whole food thing, if watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is any indication. So when I saw this truck, I definitely had to check it out. I don’t know how this one stacks up against it’s competitors, buuuut this truck pretty much kicks ass. The staff were even dressed up like they were about to go to a nightclub, this truck is serious business. I implore you click on the menu and check it out, it’s mostly typically Greek stuff with a couple surprises thrown in(the photo kinda sucks, sorry).

Their truck display does something I wish more trucks did, and that’s actually have food on display. That does soooo much more than photos and descriptions. Despite that fast food photographers have mastered making food look like Spongebob Squarepants himself assembled everything, the real deal goes a longway. As you can see, these guys fearlessly put dishes out on display, pulling no punches. Grape leaves abounded, and I got stoked.

Anyway, I threw caution to the wind and ordered the gyro sliders, which come with either two or three to an order depending on how adventurous/hungry you’re feeling. You can sorta see the options in the photo, it’s that list in the upper right corner, the one I cut off like an amateur. Go take a look, I’ll wait…….cool. So I ordered the sliders with chicken(shaved, of course), and hot damn were they awesome. I know you’re thinking burgers, but they’re pretty much pita tacos. It’s the usual gyro ingredients, but not only was the chicken serving pretty generous, but they are also topped with Chipotle Aioli, which was delicious. I was as impressed as I was surprised. Dude even sprinkled fresh cilantro(though his dispersal technique was poor) on top before he handed me the order. You can see, he sorta clumped it in the middle there, rookie mistake.

I see the Southwestern influences creeping in, and I like it. Though I gotta say, I’m kinda tired of the Korean/Mexican fusion trucks. I get it, you can put kimchi in a burrito. Fine. Let Kogi BBQ do that, and try something new. Seriously, how many of those trucks are there now? Anyway, this truck is good, you should try it. I’ll leave you with this video, it’s pretty interesting.

-The Food Truckie

Trailer Park Truck, junk food that tastes great

This truck is all about southern comfort food, which kicks ass. Your options include a Mac & Bacon melt, fried corn on a cob, and Blue Ribbon Frito Pie(served in a bag of Fritos, of course). I nearly got the Mac & Bacon melt to see how it stacked up to the Cheesy Mac N’ Rib from the Grilled Cheese Truck, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of the Aunt Mimi’s Chicken and Waffles. Prior to visiting this truck, I had never tried chicken and waffles(no, I haven’t been to Roscoe’s. Yes, I’m sure you and everyone you know has been there), so this was something I couldn’t pass up. The Trailer Park Truck describes this dish as white meat chicken in a honey maple glaze, wrapped up in a crispy Belgian waffle.

Lemme tell ya, Eggo is amateur hour compared to what these guys have going on. The waffle pretty much defied basic food physics, managing to stay indeed crispy and yet still pliable such that the chicken may be wrapped effectively. And this thing was hot coming out the window, which leads me to believe this bad boy was made to order and possibly from scratch. No toaster can contain this kind of power, not even the digital toasters you can buy at Williams and Sonoma. I think even Sur La Table would have trouble containing flavors of this enormity. Anyway, the waffle was great, alright. No complaints on the chicken, not exceptional, but it was tasty and served its purpose. The glaze was an excellent addition, it really bound all of the flavors together and added an additional sweetness.

This truck also has a television set up on the side, which was awesome because there were a lot of people waiting for food at this truck. What made the television even more awesome was that it played clips of television shows and advertisements from previous decades. Among the clips of Beavis and Butthead and monster trucks, there were also animated ads for Coors Light. I got a kick out of it.

In addition to the chicken and waffle dish, I also ordered a couple of their graham-cracker-crusted donut holes. They tasted good, definitely not stale, but I was expecting them to be hot for some reason. So that was a little bit of a letdown, but I don’t know if I’m being unreasonable. Anyway, this truck is definitely worth a visit. Get to it!